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Tree Surgery
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Tree Management - Now most of us appreciate trees and we in fact rely upon trees to survive, of course all trees need caring for and cannot be simply left to their own devices, in particular in public areas or gardens. When not controlled trees may be a nuisance they may cause injury or damage from falling limbs, block out light, harbour pests and insects, create a trip hazard and damage building foundations and pipes. If correctly looked after trees are an attractive addition to our gardens but the emphasis should be on "correctly cared for". Merely cutting off a number of long branches is not enough, you will likely make your trees get taller and more challenging to handle. What you truly need is a specialist tree surgeon to have a look and advise you on the most beneficial tree care methods. Such experts understand everything that's essential to keep trees in good condition, they will keep your trees at a suitable height, trim them in the correct manner, cut them back at the correct time of year and clear away the green waste when they have finished. Perhaps you might be able to tackle some smaller trees on your own like fruit trees but even then you'll want to learn the right techniques for pruning them or else you could damage the trees or at least stop them from producing fruit which obviously defeats the object of having fruit trees at the outset. If you're going to trim your own fruit trees buy a decent book or even better ask the advice of a professional tree surgeon - he will put you on the right track. Thus, the general advice is if you've got trees on your property, you have to take good care of them, it might be feasible to undertake modest pruning tasks by yourself although for significant tree management speak to a local tree surgeon who will handle it all on your behalf in a safe and secure way utilizing the correct tools and safety equipment. (tags: tree trimming, tree surgery, tree surgeon, tree care, tree management)
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