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Do You Need a Tree Surgeon? - Now everybody adores having trees and if truth be told we rely on trees for our survival, however all trees need maintaining and should not be simply left, especially in gardens or public places. When not managed trees might be a problem they create a trip hazard, can cause injury from falling branches, obstruct the passage of light, give shelter to insects and pests and damage footings. If cared for correctly trees are a terrific addition to our gardens but the emphasis should be on "properly looked after". Just simply cutting off a couple of long branches isn't enough, you'll make your trees become taller and more difficult to deal with. What you really require is a specialist tree surgeon to call in and advise you on the most beneficial tree care methods. These experts understand all that is needed to keep the trees in good shape, they will trim them in the correct manner, keep your trees at the ideal height, reduce them at the perfect time of the year as well as get rid of all the green waste afterwards. Perhaps you might be able to tackle smaller trees by yourself for example fruit trees but even then it is advisable to master the right techniques of pruning otherwise you might damage the trees or at the very least stop them from bearing fruit which is contrary to the objective of owning fruit trees at the outset. If you are aiming to trim and prune your own trees buy a good book or better yet ask the advice and guidance of a seasoned tree surgeon - he or she will point you in the right direction. Thus, the general advice is if you've got large trees in your garden, you need to look after them, you may be able to accomplish small pruning duties by yourself although for any significant tree work employ a tree surgeon who'll manage it all on your behalf in a safe and secure way using the right tools and safety equipment. (tags: tree management, tree surgery, tree care, tree surgeon, tree trimming)
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